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Dan Walter

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Professional summary

Dan Walter is the President and CEO of Performensation. He has provided solutions for equity and performance-based compensation for more than 18 years and is considered one of the compensation industry's "go-to" experts on the topic of equity compensation. He is also available as a dynamic, engaging speaker who uses expertise and humor to provide innovative and practical solutions.

Dan has extensive experience with both executive and broad-based programs with an emphasis on the design and management of performance share and units.

Performensation assists public and private companies of all sizes with a focus on the "not Fortune 1000". He creates effective, company-specific solutions paired with post-consultation support. Expertise includes diagnosis of issues, plan design, communication, administration best practices and reporting solutions.

Dan founded Equity Compensation Experts (ECE). He is a Board Member for the NCEO and an award winning member of the NASPP. Dan is producer of ShareComp virtual equity events. He is also an active member of World at Work, Global Equity Organization (GEO), the Society for Certified Equity Professionals and many other organizations.

Speaking engagements include: Annual conferences for World at Work, NASPP, GEO, NCEO, AICPA, numerous webinars, regional and local events.

Dan is also a partner with Virtual Conference Partners. VCP produces computer-based conferences. "Impactful events, without the expense".

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Initial Consultation - Review your needs and determine:
1) Are you a good fit for our services? (if not we usually can make a good recommendation),
2) If you are a good fit, how we can best help you achieve your goals.


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