Professional summary

Noted Strategic Execution Specialist, Joe Heaney, helps CEO’s win in this complex world by re-thinking and re-engineering their business strategies. Our approach leads to clearer vision, better strategy, accountability and execution. Our process enables companies to quickly respond to market opportunities and changes. Risks are mitigated through scenario planning and well-crafted execution tactics while threats are planned for. Your company will be more committed,

Engagement overview

Since every engagement is unique the scope will be identified and agreed upon


• JV Manufacturing
• Dominion Specialty Tools
• DynGlobal
• Inventive Resources


Project Proposals

The consultant-client relationship is built on mutual understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how we will collaborate to make it happen. Our Approach:

1. Discovery
- determine what the broader aims of the assignment are, not just jump into technical issues
- help the client understand what the real problem is and what is needed to solve it

2. Strategic Thinking (as opposed to st... Read more