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Areas of expertise

Leadership coach, leadership team alignment, change management

Professional summary

The focus of Mike's work as a certified coach is within the leadership ranks of business organizations. A strong believer in the relationship between effective leadership and achievement of the organizational vision/ goals, he works with the collective leadership team and its individual members. He believes the combination is needed to create sustainable results.

Mike entered the coaching arena in 2003, after a successful career in the ever-changing travel industry. His company grew to being among the top 50 travel companies in the country, a climb that required both flexibility and a knack for reading the crystal ball of 'tomorrow'. Although he didn't have the right coaching himself, he became aware of its significance when the business coaching industry was in its infancy. He was motivated to embrace the potential it offered to organizations for climbing the ladder of success ... faster and on purpose.

His company, The Third Zone, bridges the gap that often exists between the vision of achievement and the reality of the performance. He continues to be excited and passionate about the work he gets to do with clients across industries. He would like to have the opportunity to speak with you, and together determine the right fit to achieve YOUR vision.

Engagement overview

Executive Teams: We mutually agree on objectives and agenda. Daily fee ranges from $6,500-$8500 (based on# of participants)

Individual Leaders: We mutually agree on coaching goals. Set of 12 appointments are scheduled for a fee of $2,400 to $2,600.