Professional summary

I currently serve as the CEO of Soparfilm Energy, Content Laboratory and Spark Partners a Chicago-based, growth strategy consulting firm. I have held Board of Directors’ seats with five corporations, and currently Chair the Audit Committee for SixDimensions Global on the NASDAQ.

I have traveled globally as the keynote speaker to over 400 leadership and business organizations on innovation and managing Status Quo Risk. I present, and lead workshops, on why corporations are not growing as fast as desired, and how to reverse that situation to exceed expectations.

I am the top Leadership columnist for, with more than 6 million reads. I am also the leadership columnist for CIO Magazine, and a founding editor for the International

Engagement overview

45-90 minute Keynote presentation or workshops


• DuPont
• Kraft
• Sun Microsystems
• Infosys
• Carrefour
• Bosch
• Siemens
• Air Canada
• Air Liquide
• Eaton
• Jason
• Safeway
• Jewel
• Walgreens
• Boots
• Cadbury Schweppes
• P&G