Professional summary

Alan Kovitz is the CEO of Elevations Unlimited. He acts as facilitator, coach, and catalyst, utilizing a process that helps clients to bridge the gap between current and desired performance, unlocking hidden potential. He helps clients to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve greater levels of performance both personally and professionally. Plans are developed that create greater rates of return for organizations and terrific balance for individuals. Alan has helped his clients to dream big and achieve big! His workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses focus on attitude development, interpersonal skills development, goal setting, and strategic planning. Alan provides facilitation, coaching, and consultation services

Engagement overview

All engagements are custom tailored to address the clients' needs.


The first order of business is to create (if it has not been done prior) a Vision for the organization. This is the grand idea of where the organization is headed in the future. Employees can then choose to buy in or not. If they are excited about the perceived future, their fears will be allayed. If they do not agree, or buy in to the future of the endeavor, they can plan their next career mo... Read more

I believe strongly that KPI's should be jointly set with your new team members. Making them part of the process will greatly ease your transition while providing a greater platform for buy-in to your goals and objectives... Read more