Professional summary

I'm an executive coach focused on sometimes overlooked or misunderstood yin leaders (introverts and ambiverts). Good leadership originates from both ends of the introvert-extrovert continuum. I'm focused and passionate about helping leaders whose style is less charismatic or driven, learn the unique value and strengths they bring to those they serve. Yin leaders benefit greatly from a coaching relationship with someone who understands their unique challenges from the

Engagement overview

Comprehensive leadership developmental executive coaching engagement (9-12 months) using full battery of assessments including the Leadership Circle 360 Profile. Full conflict resolution / mediation services. Team workshops on various subjects including: healthy teams, conflict prevention, emotional intelligence. Longer organizational engagements (months or years) dealing with culture creation, role clarity, organization, and other relevant aspects of developmental organizations.


• Idaho Power Company
• Charge It Pro
• College of Idaho
• The Masonry Center
• Materials Testing,