Professional summary

Over last 5 year I have successfully work on 150 of Odesk Contracts for more than 3000 hours. We have a team of IP professionals and Attorneys with excellent knowledge and experience in the field of Intellectual Property Law mainly Trademark, Patents, Copyright, DMCA Takedown Notice, Legal Research. I am Managing Partner of Lex Protector International Law Office and also expert in Trademark and Patent. I have done my specialization in Intellectual Property Law from

Engagement overview

I can answer all your basic queries related to Patents, Trademark and Copyright. I will also give you some advice on what you should do next. If some research is required to answer your questions then i will those and let you know after wards.

You can also hire me as your In-House legal team to support you on Intellectual Property Issues. Just like ROLEX did adding me into their team to help them regarding Trademark and Copyrights Infringements on Internet.


One of the biggest client i have provided my service is ROLEX.

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