Professional summary

Bernadette Boas is a ball of fire general business management consultant, leadership coach, author, speaker and trainer, igniting the riches within individuals, teams and audiences around the world.
♦ ♦ ♦ SME to Corporate CEO's and HR Leaders, Event Planners, Conference Organizers

You know how challenging it can be to optimize the skills, talents and mindsets of your top performers and leaders of your company in order to achieve increased productivity, effectiveness and profits?

I solve this.

I give you the tips, actions, lessons learned, processes, techniques and more (including some ball of fire inspiration and motivation), so your people contribute to and produce significant

Engagement overview

Acting as a Ghost CEO, I typically start an engagement with CEO leadership coaching on a weekly basis, leading into strategy and business planning on a project basis, then extending into plan execution consulting and organization development on a 2-3 day/week retainer basis.

I lead with agendas, objectives, establish client goals, challenges, & opportunities, then partner through them.


• Valmont Industries
• Huber Engineered Materials
• Speedpro Imaging
• E.L.F. Displays, Fixtures and Millwork
• Raymond James
• Kennesaw State University
• The University of Georgia
• Focus Financial Group
• First Image Group
• Women of Insurance and Financial Services
• National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
• ProWin


I have a number of questions and recommendations for you - as your question is loaded with items that could be impacting the issue:

1. From your question, you state - ..."which also gives individuals a lot of flexibility in their work." - have you considered that the flexibility folks have in their work opens you up to a lack of standards and repeatable processes, language and practices being fol... Read more


Bernadette is a tenacious, focused determined woman who has successfully navigated the top of the corporate ranks around the world while uncovering the secrets to success in happiness inside her heart. Her motivational, insightful story shared through books, lectures and parties offers perspective to learning how to change negative aspects of ourselves into positives. If you are ready to make a change, contact Bernadette today and become part of her movement.

Jenny Craig

Bernadette is a collaborative Spirit determined to help break the ceiling in between the ears of corporate women everywhere.

Dave Phillipson, Club President, CEO Space – Global

I acquired a Door Prize graciously given by Darci Riesenhuber whereby Bernadette Boas donated her time and services consisting of a 2 hour "Coaching Session" and this is what I learned:

Bernadette Boas is a bright shining star of truth. She was very helpful in teaching me the importance of bringing value to the table and I am grateful for her wisdom!

Rebecca Buck

Bernadette is an individual who has the knowledge to assist in helping others, the passion to listen, the care to accurately direct and the honesty it takes in being a leader in their field today. There are very few individuals where I have had the pleasure of seeking their guidance that display all of these talents effortlessly. Her willingness to help others is second to no one.

Bill Lins, Partner Jobs 4 All Now

I cannot say enough about Bernadette! This is an extraordinary, intuitive and passionate business woman and advocate with a driven attitude and exceptional business development acumen. She is truly one of the brightest minds in her industry. There has been so much buzz around her book "Shedding the Corporate Bitch"! I have watched Bernadette work through building her business with fierce resolve only to come on top! She is a mover and shaker this industry and one of a kind! I recommend everyone work with Bernadette!

David Storrs, Director Marketing and Investor Relations

Bernadette as a senior retail consultant managed a $20 million project to a very successful completion. Bernadette is an excellent project manager, great communicator, and innovative business partner. Bernadette will care as much about your company as you do.

John Vaught, VP IT Office Depot

Bernadette is a master of finding the clear road that builds success both in business and in life. Bernadette' s knowledge, background and affiliations are equal to none. As a consultant, speaker, author and facilitator, she always delivers above and beyond expectations. If you want your business to flourish while still having a work life balance, Bernadette is the only person I would use and I would recommend to others. There are some who speak about it she delivers measurable results.

Rico Pena, Owner Pena Global

Our family owned business has worked with Bernadette and her associates for almost 3 years. Together we have laid out short and long-term goals, she listened to the wishes and intentions of ownership and we have laid out strategies to meet our goals, while Bernadette has also led the way in implementing those strategies. The involvement of Bernadette and The Boas Group has resulted in a business that has corrected several unrealized gaps and inefficiencies, significantly increasing the overall value of the company, opening up many new opportunities to continued strength and business building. Today we have a company that has more potential than ever before.

Mike Falkenhagen, CEO E.L.F. Displays Fixtures and Millwork

I invited Bernadette to speak to the Women in our Atlanta office. This was the first event geared for this group. She exceeded my expectations in motivating and engaging the group of women. Examples of the comments we received were; I would love to be with her just 5 minutes a day to keep me motivated, I'm re-energized, insightful, encouraging, I needed someone to push me to think about my personal and professional goals.

Bernadette made it real and was extremely humbling in telling her story. We had customer service reps attend as well as the Chief Legal Counsel to our corporation. Everyone benefited from our lively discussion.

Sharon Noble, Vice President of Human Resources Huber Engineered Materials

Wow!! I just came from your presentation, Ignite Your Leader Within, and am soooooooo inspired and motivated!! Your enthusiasm, energy and phenomenal story have me motivated to set goals again. Not just set them, but DO SOMETHING: write them down and take action towards achieving them every day!! I particularly appreciated your advice about choosing just 3 things to accomplish yearly/daily. I have found that is why I've gotten discouraged in the past: I would make a list of 15 things and it just seemed to daunting to even start on, so I wouldn't achieve much of anything! Thank you so much for inspiring to create and achieve my goals!!

Kammie Tipton, Executive Assistant J.M. Huber Corporation