Professional summary

Process consists of personal or phone (Skype) interviews. Individual capability assessments plus personal improvement plan. Establish an excellent strategy and framework based on a set of values particular to the individual. Develop a "Single Sheet"(tm) strategy document that allows focused energy on achievement of personal goals at 5-10 times the rate on normal progress.

Also coach on how to "Plant a Seed of Trust in the Critical First 10 Seconds"

Specialties: "The TRUST Ambassador" - Nationally recognized expert at helping organizations build higher levels of TRUST.

Engagement overview

There is no typical engagement because each individual is unique. I give individual mentoring and do not have one prescribed pattern. I do not extend the period of work just to increase income as many mentors do.


Private list of clients. All my work is confidential, and I will not reveal who I have worked with. If I work with you, it will be the same way.


When it comes to understanding the value and strategic importance of trust in the business world, Bob Whipple is without peer. He demonstrates this once again with his latest book, Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwind. Using practical examples to back up his concepts, Whipple brings what could be a watery, vague notion into sharp focus with urgency and immediacy. Readers come away with pragmatic, instantly implementable tactics based on trust that lead to real and profitable outcomes. Plus, it's just a fun read

Tim Hayes, The Leadership Communication Expert

Bob Whipple is one of the clearest thinkers I have come across in the trust profession. I have read over a dozen books on trust over the last year and suggest this book to anyone interested in this important subject. Any time I "dog ear" several quotes and learn something new- my reading time was well spent. Whipple has a unique take on what it takes to be trusted in a relationship- his concept of "reinforcing candor" is something that we should all embrace. A clear and an important read

Jordan Kimmel, Co-founder Trust Across America

An exceptional ambassador of trust, Bob Whipple helps build great leaders. Leading With Trust Is Like Sailing Downwind highlights the simple but profound truth that trust is the driving force behind good leadership, and an invaluable performance multiplier for organizations. Whipple expertly empowers you to build a winning crew and puts the tiller in your hand. Well done

Stephen M. R. Covey, Author New York Times best seller - The Speed of Trust

Great leaders know that trusting relationships are the cornerstone of a successful organization. In Leading with Trust is like Sailing Downwind, Bob Whipple focuses on the importance of creating and building trust within your company-more critical than ever in today's turbulent business climate. Read this book today and you'll be applying it tomorrow

Ken Blanchard, Coauthor The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level