Professional summary

Brant Cooper helps organizations move the needle.

His most recent book, The Lean Entrepreneur, recently landed on the NY Times bestseller's list. His previous book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development was a self-published effort with a distribution of over 50K copies.

Brant travels the globe speaking with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, debunking the Myth of the Visionary, and teaching Lean Startup and Customer Development principles. His objective is simple: let's empower individuals to make the change they want to see in the world.

Brant is passionate about growing the San Diego tech community. He runs the San Diego Tech Founders monthly meetup that consistently draws 200 attendees. Brant is also the curator for the

Engagement overview

Speaking, workshops, leadership training for implementing lean startup practices to create culture of innovation inside large enterprises.


• Capital One
• Qualcomm
• 7-11
• Pitney Bowes, numerous others


When I teach innovation, it is within the context of Clayton Christensen's Sustaining - Disrupting continuum. On the sustaining side, an organization is optimized for execution in a known market. On the disruptive side, an organization needs to be optimized for learning.

Where does your project fit? If it tends toward the sustaining/execution side, it's very difficult to change habits and atti... Read more