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Virginia Ginsburg

Virginia Ginsburg - Santa Monica, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1175

Virginia Ginsburg combines strategic advising with organizational skills and action to support entrepreneurs’ unique challenges and optimize their opportunities for success. She works with entrepreneurs to: evaluate opportunities; create management systems; and manage processes. Virginia also provides fundraising support, strategic plans, milestone-driven timelines, revenue and budget reviews,... read more

Areas of expertise

Entrepreneurship, Business Growth

Arlin Sorensen

Arlin Sorensen - Harlan, IA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1241

I have been involved in the IT world for over 27 years as the founder of Sorensen's Computer Connection in 1985 and then through M&A to become a partner and CEO of Heartland Technology Solutions in 2003. We did seven successful mergers and acquistions during that time. We served clients from seven offices across five midwestern states. As of 12-31-12, I sold the HTS business, with the... read more

Areas of expertise

Business growth, strategic planning, leadership development

Steve Adelman

Steve Adelman - Mountain View, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1542

Highly experienced in business development, market entry, partnerships, corporate strategy and general management. Repeatedly successful in early-stage and large companies. Specialties: business development, market entry/go to market planning and execution, competitive analysis, partnerships and corporate venturing. Focused on high tech and financial services. Nexus Partners... read more

Areas of expertise

Market entry/go to market, business development, partnerships

Sara LaForest

Sara LaForest - San Luis Obispo, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x9784

Sara LaForest is a business growth adviser and a leadership coach. She focuses on helping: • Organizational leaders build leadership effectiveness and team performance • Executives and entrepreneurs build organizational capacity to grow their businesses • Nagivate critical transitions and growth inflection points • Individuals advance their careers and achieve work/ life balance, with a... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive and Leadership Performance Services

Patrick Mulvey

Patrick Mulvey - Califon, NJ Call 1-866-511-1898 x1828

Patrick Mulvey enables executives to develop a profitable growth strategy and brings the tools to successfully get that strategy implemented. Assignments can range from just a few days to six months depending upon the client’s needs. The emphasis is upon how to clarify a compelling vision, architect a credible and compelling plan, and installing the discipline to motivate and hold people... read more

Areas of expertise

Strategy Development, Strategy Execution Management, Executive Coaching and Development

Rob McCoy

Rob McCoy - Hagerstown, MD Call 1-866-511-1898 x1492

- Expert in revenue and profit generation systems for B2B organizations with 1 - 30 million - dollars sales annually. - Evaluation and Improvement of Current Systems in Marketing and Sales - Identification, Establishment and Monitoring of Critical Performance Drivers allowing business ownership and staff to focus and be accountable for the efforts contributing most to your organizations... read more

Areas of expertise

Profits, Systems, and enabling the "How" that supports the desired "What"

Gail Zelitzky

Gail Zelitzky - Chicago, IL Call 1-866-511-1898 x1575

I believe that Success is a mindset and Sales is a system. And, if you own a business, nothing, (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!) happens until the cash register rings! I also know that success can be learned and income generation can be taught. I began to understand how to align sales with strategy, from the inside out, when I was franchisor of 300+ independent retail liquor stores nationwide - all... read more

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