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Lenny Laskowski

Lenny Laskowski - Wilmington, NC Call 1-866-511-1898 x1001

Lenny Laskowski is an internationally known professional speaker and the President of LJL Seminars. He is a leading authority on the topic of public speaking and presentation skills. His workshops, seminars, keynotes, and private coaching provide practical techniques that help people succeed as speakers. Throughout his 25 year engineering career, Lenny has written and presented technical... read more

Areas of expertise

Public Speaking, Presentation skills, train-the-trainer

Matt Eventoff

Matt Eventoff - Princeton, NJ Call 1-866-511-1898 x1112


 Matt does not believe in the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach. He delivers results by building upon clients’ individual communication styles, strengths and background. Matt generally adheres to the following methodology:
 • Develop an effective and dynamic communication style based on the client’s unique abilities 
• Create a step-by-step, result-oriented training program... read more

Areas of expertise

Communication strategy, executive presence and public speaking

Sims Wyeth

Sims Wyeth - Montclair, NJ Call 1-866-511-1898 x9732

Since 1989, Sims Wyeth has been coaching senior leaders, executives, scientists and other subject matter experts on how to sell themselves and their ideas. He has helped to get a client elected to the position of chairman at a global consulting firm, shaped the complex data-based arguments to win approval for new drugs at the FDA, and coached thousands of professionals so they can speak... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive coaching in the areas of public speaking, interpersonal impact, & leadership presence

Doug Crandall

Doug Crandall - Issaquah, WA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1158

Doug Crandall is a leader developer of unparalleled breadth. He served for five years on the West Point faculty, earning the first-ever Excellence in Teaching Award from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. He conceived of and created PL350 – the advanced version of West Point’s core leadership course. He also built from scratch West Point’s renowned Black and Gold Leadership... read more

Areas of expertise

Leader Development, Leading Change, Public Speaking / Keynotes

Bryan Rutberg

Bryan Rutberg - Seattle, WA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1000

I help leaders and their organizations connect with their most important audiences – customers, partners, and employees – in person, in print, and online. I am the principal and owner of a Seattle-based communications firm, and my personal work is in message development and then coaching public speakers when they share the message. My clients run from senior executives at Microsoft (where I... read more

Areas of expertise

Message Development and Story-telling, Public Speaking, Presentation Development

Albert Assad

Albert Assad - Atlanta, GA Call 1-866-511-1898 x2546

Dynamic, multi-lingual leader with exceptional business acumen and 15 years of successful management and finance experience on both national and international levels. Brings innovative and strategic vision to accelerate growth. Overcomes challenges and transforms organizations to achieve results. Expertise include strategic planning and financial restructuring as well as operational... read more

Areas of expertise

Strategic planning, Management and operational improvement, Funding options

Robert White

Robert White - Englewood, CO Call 1-866-511-1898 x1548

Be Ordinary or Be Extraordinary: It's Your Choice! “Let’s get to know each other—there’s an urgent need for more effective leadership in our families, organizations and communities. It needs and deserves our constant, consistent and committed efforts to develop ourselves personally and professionally. I’ve initiated a powerful conversation about leadership and personal effectiveness at... read more

Areas of expertise

Leadership, Team Training, Coaching