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Sam Alibrando

Sam Alibrando - Pasadena, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x9965

For much of his career as a psychologist, Dr. Sam Alibrando has worked with senior executives coping with critical business and change-management challenges, interpersonal challenges, and transitions. He facilitates off-sites and targeted workshops on leadership development and enhancing people-processes within organizations and teams. Sam also has solid experience in executive selection,... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive Selection, Executive Coaching, Executive Team Building

Roza Rojdev

Roza Rojdev - Cincinnati, OH Call 1-866-511-1898 x9823

Dr. Rojdev is the Managing Partner of Xecutive Metrix™ (XM), a pioneer in developing executive leaders. Xecutive Metrix is especially attuned to the needs of senior executives for direct, no-nonsense, hands-on methods of developing CEOs and high performing senior teams as well as simultaneously identifying and disengaging those who do not measure up. Xecutive Metrix's unique blend of... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Designing and Executing Strategy

Michael Stratford

Michael Stratford - Laguna Hills, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x9335

Michael is a champion of uniqueness. It’s been said he’s a blend of Robin Williams, and the Dalai lama. That doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, his clearly provocative nature, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 100 company execs and their teams. All the while also having trained over... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive Coaching, Gamification, Teamwork

Sophia Kristjansson

Sophia Kristjansson - Boulder, CO Call 1-866-511-1898 x9787

We specialize in executive coaching, leadership effectiveness training, culture assessment and transformation, as well as implementation of the Emergenetics™ suite of leading-edge profile assessments for clients in a wide variety of industries. Our work is guided by a deep understanding of neuroscience and its relationship to human development. We use this science to help our clients... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive & team development, executive coaching, communication and mindset training

Rhonda Askeland

Rhonda Askeland - Irvine, CA Call 1-866-511-1898 x3154

Working as a business partner both internally and externally, I have developed and mastered various areas of expertise to achieve bottom-line results with human capital. I am a sought-after facilitator, executive coach, and performance consultant who has received rave reviews on my ability to engage and elicit high performance helping coachees and learners exceed personal and professional... read more

Areas of expertise

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Communication, Executive Coaching

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch - Alpharetta, GA Call 1-866-511-1898 x2584

Patrick Lynch is the President of The Frontier Group, a human capital management consulting firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte. The Frontier Group offers the following solutions to the challenges that human resource professionals face everyday: Executive coaching - To help you get the most out of our talent. Leadership development - To help grow your talent pipeline with new... read more

Areas of expertise

Executive coaching, Leadership coaching, Emotional intelligence

Marcy Schwab

Marcy Schwab - Vienna, VA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1264

Getting to the next level challenges leaders and teams. Standing out through strategic change requires new ways of thinking, acting, and relating. Individuals, teams, and companies benefit from both introspection and evaluation of the external environment. Every situation is unique. It’s not about what others have done before and emulating them; it’s about harnessing the potential you already... read more

Areas of expertise

Strategy Consulting, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development