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Steven Dennis

Steven Dennis - Dallas, TX Call 1-866-511-1898 x3046

Steve Dennis is a strategic advisor and thought-leader on retail innovation, marketing and strategy development. He has served as the chief strategy officer and led the development of omni/multichannel integration efforts as a member of the executive committee of two Fortune 500 retailers. He was recently named one of retail's top 20 influencers and is a retail contributor for Forbes. As... read more

Areas of expertise

Growth strategy, Innovation, Omni-channel retail

David Nour

David Nour - Atlanta, GA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1088

- The thought leader on Relationship Economics, helping clients drive unprecedented growth via a unique return on their strategic relationships, leadership strategies via disruptive technologies such as social and mobile, and adaptive innovation. - Enterprise growth strategist, international keynote speaker, author of best selling book, Relationship Economics - revised & updated (Wiley),... read more

Areas of expertise

Relationship Economics, Disruptive Technologies, Adaptive Innovation

Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein - Marietta, GA Call 1-866-511-1898 x1807

Mike has been helping companies solve problems for over 20 years starting with the customers' experience. His work in customer experience and customer experience design has taken him to more than 25 countries and impacted over 400 companies. Working with companies like IBM, founding his own company and consulting with organizations of all sizes around the world, he has nearly perfected the art... read more

Areas of expertise

Customer Experience, Service Design, Innovation

Paul Reali

Paul Reali - Charlotte, NC Call 1-866-511-1898 x1561

Paul Reali helps individuals, teams, and companies discover and mine their creative potential. This process of discovery and application is achieved through one or more of these services: training, process facilitation, consulting, and coaching. Paul has worked with clients across the country, from second-state entrepreneurial ventures to the Fortune 100. He is the co-author of... read more

Areas of expertise

Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, Innovation

Debra Kaye

Debra Kaye - New York, NY Call 1-866-511-1898 x1841

Debra Kaye is an international innovation and brand strategy consultant who has helped create some of the world’s most famous products and services for companies such as L’Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive, Dove Chocolate, American Express, McDonald’s and Johnson & Johnson. Her book, Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovations was a featured... read more

Areas of expertise

Innovation, Brand strategy

Dennis Skinner

Dennis Skinner - Phoenix, AZ Call 1-866-511-1898 x1598

Organizations don’t need a consultant to tell them how to improve their business. They just don't, because the people who do the work are collectively smart enough already. Instead, what most teams need to solve problems, engineer better processes, map out strategies, and design effective organizations is FACILITATION. They need someone who is an expert in collaboration who can get... read more

Areas of expertise

Strategy development/alignment, Process Improvement, Organization Design

Lance Bettencourt

Lance Bettencourt - Bloomington, IN Call 1-866-511-1898 x1884

Lance A. Bettencourt, PhD, is a founding partner of Service 360 Partners, business speaker, and a customer-focused innovation thought-leader and advocate. Lance helps companies to gain a deep understanding of value from a customer perspective in order to enable innovative thinking and drive customer-focused change. Through a combination of training, research, and workshops, Lance provides... read more

Areas of expertise

Innovation, Customer Needs, Service Strategy