Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig

Helping Leaders Have Productive, Engaging & Inspiring Meetings/Off-Sites Through Facilitation & Training

Areas of expertise

Meeting & Retreat Faciliation, Creative Thinking & Innovation, Team Building & Development

Professional summary

I create and deliver opportunities for teams to make better decisions, be creative and work productively together. I have over 35 years experience as a meeting facilitator, corporate trainer and organizational development specialist. I have worked with most industries, most sizes and all levels, for profit and non-profit.

• Facilitates strategic planning, ideation and product development meetings and retreats
• Delivers and designs training programs including workshops in meeting management, customer service, creative thinking and problem solving
• Facilitates team development and building programs.

It all started when I focused my graduate studies in 1977 in the psychology of creativity, design thinking and methodology and curriculum design. Since then I worked in multiple training and OD departments as a manager. Developed and produced a TV game show. Authored of several books on creative thinking and games and publisher for a newsletter for business innovation. Invented, designed and produced several board and card games. Leader for several professional organizations. Composer. Chef. Father. Meditator.

Engagement overview

Preparation (research, interviews, surveys), Design of Event (meeting/retreat/training), Facilitation of Event, and Documentation of the Output.


• LG
• 3Degrees
• Reinforced Earth
• Quorum Review
• Tessitura
• Herbalife
• Sipree
• Swisslog, etc.