Professional summary

I create and deliver opportunities for teams to make better decisions, be creative and work productively together. I have over 35 years experience as a meeting facilitator, corporate trainer and organizational development specialist. I have worked with most industries, most sizes and all levels, for profit and non-profit.

• Facilitates strategic planning, ideation and product development meetings and retreats
• Delivers and designs training programs

Engagement overview

Preparation (research, interviews, surveys), Design of Event (meeting/retreat/training), Facilitation of Event, and Documentation of the Output.


• LG
• 3Degrees
• Reinforced Earth
• Quorum Review
• Tessitura
• Herbalife
• Sipree
• Swisslog, etc.


It was a delight working with you. We captured 22 final ideas (and over 700 initial ones) and got great feedback from both faculty and students on the session.

Dr. Christopher Hewitt, Science Relations Manager North America BASF

Great day- all smiles from everyone I've seen who participated.

Michael Lynch, Director of Secondary Education & Professional Development Adams50 School District

I want you to know it was a pleasure getting to work with you and see you deliver this very beneficial seminar. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into ensuring this piece was suitable for Quorum.

Patrick Ursino Quorum Review IRB

I'd put you in the top 95%...You're amazing.

Dianne Zimmerman, Superintendent of Schools

I am getting great feedback from staff who are using the tools they received during the training. Many staff informed me that after leaving the class they immediately utilized what they learned to deal with upset or confused citizens. The class was great and we may need your services again after hiring new staffing in administration and inspection.

Sandra Smith City of Oakland, Bureau of Building

Bruce taught us through the "Leading Effective Meetings" workshop, how to make our meetings more productive. By being more productive and structured in our meeting process, we found it did not take as many meetings to achieve our goals. The meetings may not have decreased, but the nature of the meetings have changed and we are achieving many more goals on our continuous improvement project lists! The "Leading Effective Meetings" method has become a standard operating procedure for our organization which we will train on a continuous basis. We look forward to a long, healthy, productive working relationship with Honig IdeaGuides.

Lori Bassett, Vice President Pergo, Inc.

I have been to countless workshops on team building. However, yours was without a question one of the best I have ever participated in. Your exercises were user-friendly, fun to do, and most importantly, truly served their educational purposes...Furthermore, I felt that your group facilitation skills were among the best I had ever witnessed. Even with a tough audience, you made everyone feel comfortable and energized. For me, your session made my 6-hour plane trip (in each direction!) worth it.

Deborah, Director UJC National Training Department

I recommend IdeaGuides wholeheartedly.

Mike Faith, CEO

Our staff had the opportunity to work with Bruce in a one day retreat, focusing on communication and collaboration between the various staff deparments. Bruce really helped us define our strengths and weaknesses and set our goals for improvement for the school year and beyond. At our monthly meetings, the agendas are driven by the goals we set with Bruce and more productive than before. We communicate more efficiently and an openness has arisen, where communication feels more "safe" and constructive. Overall, our team has found a new cohesiveness and therefore, we have made better decisions and put new practices in place that benefit not only our departments, but the school as a whole. Moreover, Bruce was a great guide to our work, while allowing our needs to be heard and drive the agenda for the day. Everyone is still taking about how much fun they had. I highly recommend Idea Guides for your next team building retreat.

Christine, Development Associate Private K-8 School

Thank you for your hard work in our Messaging Workshop yesterday. As always, your mastery of the room was beyond impressive. Feedback from the client has been terrific. Everyone was just so blown away that you were able to maintain not just interest, but enthusiasm for six plus hours.

Eve, Project Director Brandfusion, Advertising/PR Firm