Professional summary

Supply chain consultant with experience in supply chain management, network design, optimization, warehouse management systems, and logistics process redesign, as well as the ability to implement and manage enterprise software projects in order to enable corporate efficiency.

Experience with Manhattan SCALE/ILS, Llamasoft Supply Chain and Transportation Guru, data analysis, and process improvement utilizing SAP R/3 SD, BW, Microsoft SQL 2008 and 2012, and other analytic tools.

Writer of academic texts on logistics, distribution, supply chain management, software and technology for the largest academic publisher in the world. Also writes distribution and logistics articles and white papers for corporate blogs and newsletters.


Engagement overview

Engagement length and depth is dependent on your needs. Initial strategy analysis and recommendation projects can last 4 to 20 weeks. Technology selection and implementation projects are dependent on software complexity and available resources. You will find that we are very efficient in gathering data, providing analysis, and making recommendations to improve your business.


• Amalie Oil Co
• Cengage Learning
• McGraw Hill