Professional summary

Cynthia Ackrill, MD is a coach, speaker, consultant, and principal of WellSpark, helping high achieving leaders and professionals find more energy, focus, brilliance, and career/life satisfaction through the science and wisdom of human performance. I work with leaders and their teams eager to proactively tackle the stress and energy drains inherent in today's business cultures, practices and personal choices. Together we assess performance potentials, audit energy drains, and find the small shifts that will give disproportionate rewards.

As the only MD certified in both wellness and leadership coaching with expertise in applied neuroscience and stress management, I bring a unique viewpoint, applying the science and wisdom of human performance

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Deloitte
• Toyota
• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Benefit Controls of the Carolinas
• Leonard and Moore
• Westall
• Gray
• Connolly and Davis
• Altavista Wealth Management
• National Wiper
• McNair Law Firm
• Davidson Centre for the Professions


Effective delegation empowers another person to master the task

Clarity- Is the "task" clear, boundaries and expectations communicated and received?
Is the purpose (bigger picture) understood? This is key to tapping intrinsic motivation of purpose.
Does the person have everything they need to do the task? Ask!
Autonomy to make decisions
Are follow up ste... Read more

I agree with Allan. The rational part has to make sense, but if you want them to engage in a vision, you need to tap their emotions and intrinsic motivation. Even with something concrete and technical there is a story that can move people out of their current separate stories- perhaps the story of solving the REAL problem..

"Paint" an emotional scene/feeling with story. Ask questions to let th... Read more

To reduce the fear level that probably underscores the excuse tactic, you might consider opening a meeting with appreciative inquiry- take them by surprise by going around the room and asking each person questions such as, "What is working well? What are your clients appreciating? When do you know you have client engagement and loyalty?"

When the brain starts down this positive tract, it loses a... Read more

Wow, that sounds like a tough challenge and your chance to let your leadership shine. The inherent fear surrounding these situations pushes many employees, even high level managers, to their less executive brain decisions. They need security that the values and mission of the company provide a strong enough pull to stay engaged, and they may need multiple reminders of that: re-attention to intent... Read more

Spend a little time thinking about your passion about your message- what is it you really want these people to know/learn/understand/care about. What would you say in private conversation? Make your public speaking a bigger conversation. Interact early- ask a question of the audience- coach them to the point instead of spewing info to them.

Before you start, find a quiet place and practice brea... Read more