Professional summary

I am a strategy consultant, advisor, and entrepreneur operating at the intersection of technology, health, and wellness.

I have devoted my career to building successful businesses, from strategic, operational, financial, and human capital standpoints. I serve as an independent management consultant, with an emphasis on business strategy, marketing and business development, and operations. Oftentimes, I will work in collaboration with a trusted network of consultants and subject matter experts. Sometimes, my engagements will extend into longer-term interim management or advisory roles.

I have a strong analytical and quantitative background, coupled with deep strategy and team-building skills. I am as comfortable developing and positioning

Engagement overview

Most projects include significant project management (of internal and external resources), budgeting, oversight of detailed financial modeling, development of business and marketing strategies, and, where appropriate business development and interim operational leadership.


• Developed initial business plan and operational plans for New York Genome Center, a unique not-for-profit scientific research institute. Role included strategic leadership of all marketing, communications, and business development functions, including development of public relations, website and social media, and video and content strategies. See details below.
• Developed organizational and operational strategic plans for various divisions (e.g., engineering, test & evaluation, quality) of global defense and aerospace technologies company, as well as its suppliers and partners. Projects have included internal operations, communications, strategy, alignment, and succession planning, including extensive interviews, data synthesis and reporting, and consensus building. In conjunction with Global Aperture LLC.
• Developed market assessment, business plan, and partnership and preliminary marketing strategies for commercial advanced diagnostic test and precision medicine venture spinning off from nationally recognized cancer hospital. In conjunction with Nancy J Kelley & Associates.
• Developing business, marketing, and market entry strategy for stealth digital genetic counseling platform, designed to empower clinicians and genetic counselors to provide clinically relevant genomic insights to their patients.
• Developed multi-year strategic and financial plan for leading synthetic biology organization, which evolved into strategic plan for catalyzing further development of synthetic biology in the US. In conjunction with Nancy J Kelley & Associates.
• Developed business plan, presentations, and initial marketing and business development strategy for a start-up consumer health technology venture.
• Developed business plan and investment strategy for Chinese casino game leasing venture growing through acquisitions in Taiwan, Philippines, and other Asian markets.
• Developed business and market strategy, including market research and financial modeling, for telecommunications client investigating prison systems and other niche market opportunities. In conjunction with Global Aperture LLC.
• Served as acting chief operating officer for a specialty chemicals distribution and laboratory services business.
• Developed start-up nutritional products and programs brand, which launched in fitness clubs across US.
• Developed preliminary plans for marketing programs around Pelé and Jackie Chan for a fitness and nutrition start-up.
• Developed and executed consumer field research project, including store visits and “mystery shopper” interviews in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, for European wireless carrier.


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