Professional summary

A licensed excess and surplus lines insurance broker, consultant and expert witness. In his thirty year career specializing in environmental insurance he has:
• Placed and serviced thousands of environmental insurance policies
• Trained and managed hundreds of insurance brokers
• Taught environmental risk management insurance classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business for thirty one consecutive years.

He has successfully placed insurance

Engagement overview

Engagement fee varies on scope of work
Performance period is specified by the client.

Scope of Work typically includes the following but not limited to:

Evaluation of risk and or insurance Summary provided In light of the above insurance review, prepare an evaluation of the proposed Offer policy and or risk comparisons and determine suitability and or negligence ex I will make recommendations on the type(s) and amounts of insurance needed to cover costs of response, clean up, and environmental remediation in the event of a catastrophic spill.

As well as make recommendations on the appropriate type(s) of insurance and/or appropriate endorsement(s) needed Finally, Provide a written report providing the evaluations, determinations, and recommendations listed in this scope of services.


Past clients include:

• US Justice Department
• The Army Corps of Engineers
• The World