Professional summary

Why are you here?

Do you like provocative questions? I like asking provocative questions like ‘Why are you here?’ ‘What do you want to do?’ and ‘When do you want to do it?’

My view of the world is of the eye of a logistician. It is in my blood. I come from a smart family, engineers, mathematicians, scientists and logisticians. I went to a journalism school to become a journalist. I left the world of newspapers and entered the world of Industrial Management. That led to jobs in warehouse management, logistics, and supply chain.

There are six basic questions that tell the whole story; Who, What, Where, Why, When and How. Understanding the story of how things worked (of didn’t work) and how they got there helped me

Engagement overview

We provides all three types of consulting - Expert, Pair of Hands & Collaborative services.

Engagement depends on a deep assessment of the client needs.  Assessments of companies include analysis of financial & operations performance, development of metrics and action recommendations.  Personnel assessments look at single person, team or group analysis using behavioral analysis tools (Predictive Index), observation and development plans.  We help clients develop & document desired outcomes, plans of action, coach, teach, mentor, monitor and maintain performance.  

We provide clear, written proposals with a detailed scope of work, defined measurable goals and the metrics to measure progress. Fees based on scope of work and the form of engagement.  Posted fee is for expert services with vague scope and assessment services.


• Palo Alto Foods
• Ott-Lite Technology
• Forman Mills
• Bell Fine Foods
• Blount, Inc.
• 5 Below
• Harris-Stratex
• Floors&Décor
• Rainbow Shops
• RW Smith
• Sloane Fine Teas
• Telogis,
• Compliance Networks
• Several vary large retailers, vary large e-commerce, multiple manufacturers, wholesale distributors and large consulting firms.