Professional summary


As the Founder & Principal of IntegrityWise Consulting, LLC, I help organizations maximize their impact.


I help organizations align their "why" with their "what" resulting in more purposeful execution.

My experience includes helping public, non-profit and private sector organizations refine mission, align vision, develop frameworks, improve their people, processes & policies via consulting, intensive workshops, webinars, writing and speaking.

Engagement overview

In a typical engagement, I speak with clients to learn more about the challenges they are currently facing to gain an understanding of what issues are most urgent. From there I work with them to co-create the best solutions.

IntegrityWise can assess current operations and goals and help develop programming, that allows clients to move forward toward desired outcomes.




There are a number of tools that can help with right fit but one that I have found to be helpful is the Kolbe Indexes/Instinct Assessments. These assessments reveal how people naturally do things and when you understand how you and your team do things/work, you are in a better position to identify candidates who are best suited to carry out responsibilities in a way that complements the culture of... Read more

Employees often refrain from asking questions when they have reason to believe asking questions will make them appear less intelligent than their peers or less valuable to the organization. If the problem stems from a culture that discourages asking, the solution lies in changing that culture.

From my experience some of the best ways to get employees to ask questions are to:

1. Create a co... Read more

Project Proposals

Using our Alignment Strategy, we will: 1.  Have an initial discussion of social impact objectives 2.  Review current state of any social impact programming3.  Co-develop a clear strategy for integration & alignment with organizational goals4.  Fully develop framework for social impact programming in specified areas5.  Clearly articulate plan fo... Read more