Professional summary

Elizabeth Doty, founder of Leadership Momentum, is a facilitator, author and coach with 25 years’ experience helping companies build cultures of commitment, collaboration and action.

Her company, Leadership Momentum, specializes in designing and facilitating high-engagement retreats, offsites and working sessions to help leaders build Team Alignment, Cross-team Alignment and Customer Partnerships. Senior executives generally ask for their help when launching a new team or strategic initiative. She and her team draw on a variety of disciplines, including group facilitation, systems thinking, design-thinking, conflict management and storytelling. They are known for facilitating dynamic, honest, solution-oriented conversations at all levels,

Engagement overview

We draw on a variety of high-engagement approaches that help leaders build commitment and relationships while doing real work.

We generally begin with 1:1 interviews, then work with you to set goals and design a single program or a roadmap that integrates working sessions, executive coaching, communications, new tools and operating reviews as needed to achieve desired results.


Selected past and current clients:
• Archstone
• Cisco
• CodePink
• CTB/McGraw-Hill
• Hewlett Packard
• Intuit
• Novacare
• Sprint
• Stanford University
• Sungevity Solar


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