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How do you feel about the success of your business? Do you have that calm, comfortable, safe feeling like you're driving a new, reliable car? Or do you feel like you're in the old clunker that might break down at any time causing you to have to stop and fix something?

Success today depends upon a clear strategy, effective leadership and strong customer/client loyalty.

Our purpose is fostering growth leadership in fast-growth situations. Our clients experience high growth of leadership, incomes, client loyalty and revenues with our help. We work with small and mid-sized companies in the professional services business, both B2B and B2C. We are "Miracle Grow" for business.

We work with executives, Owners, CEOs and Presidents to strengthen

Engagement overview

FREE initial consultations are conducted to determine client needs and wants, followed by a written analysis and proposed plan of action with deliverables. Work is planned on a project basis. A typical project consists of working with a  client or client group for 6 to 12 sessions of 2 hours per session. Client investment varies depending upon number of participants, client needs and other variables.

All work is provided with a risk free, money back guarantee. Details provided with the proposal.


• The Millerschin Group
• Flexible Plan Investments
• TGI Direct, Inc
• MEGA Fun & Fitness
• Profile Weight Loss and others


Your question is typical of many startups. The answer is "it depends."

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. What is your long term vision and what do you want to make happen in the near term as well. Deciding what to do must be tied to those two factors.

If growth is one of your near term goals you have said that you are focused on B2B. Great. How do you stand competitively in that ... Read more

First, understand that each person on the team has a unique perspective. Begin by employing team building techniques: Build trust, focus on clear communication and set common goals.

Second, focus on determining the voice of the customer and employ the strengths of the company in exceeding the customers' expectations... Read more


Once I began using the goal action plan to obtain my goals, I found significant results were obtained in areas that have plagued me for years.

Architecture Industry

I have had five different outside people comment on the changes they have observed since the program started. They used words like Things are different around here. People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn't see before. This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago this place was like a morgue! What did you do?

Financial Institution

When we needed some direction for our business, Aadvise Consulting LLC was there to help! Aadvise Consulting LLC provided us the services needed to ensure our business objectives will be met for years to come! A big thanks goes out to Gerald and Aadvise Consulting LLC!

Kim and Juha Tanskanen, Owners MEGA Fun and Fitness

The Millerschin Group has always been a successful business, but we believe the consulting review we went through with Jerry will allow us to be even more successful with a more defined direction. If you are in need of a management consulting partner who can provide upfront strategic support that helps your company succeed, we strongly recommend Jerry Bricker and Aadvise Consulting LLC.

Erin Millerschin, President The Millerschin Group

Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. provides investment services to investors around the country. Our fast-growing firm requires that we develop a capable management team. For the past three years, Gerald Bricker of Aadvise Consulting has provided us with team leadership and management development training that has facilitated this growth and improved morale, resulting in a low employee turnover rate, and improving our bottom line. We highly recommend Gerald Bricker and Aadvise Consulting for leadership and management development in fast-growing organizations, especially where communications, teamwork, and customer service are critical to the success of the organization.

Renee M. Toth, Executive Vice President Flexible Plan Investments, LTD