Providers and practitioners are at times the masters of their universes, but most don't know much about the value of marketing their practices. Here are some of the pitfalls and perils they come across in their endeavors to market. Points and problems they'll face when they try to go it alone, and without the experience of having marketed before.

My experience has been a mixed bag of worms, because most providers aren't use to taking advice, and they surely have paid their dues while attending med school. However, they're not alone. Most individuals that have control of a company or are business owners, aren't understanding the difference in "sales" and "marketing", and there is the meat and potatos of the problem at hand and why in this online age, medical practices are failing right and left.

With the new healthcare program in this country, and the level of competition in the fields of medicine, great marketing has never been more necessary, as an investment in the future! But having added value of your practice and knowing what it is you do better, that separates you from the rest of the pack is every bit as important as having a marketing plan. My article, will provide marketing insight and outline the perils of losing the marketing game if you don't know what the rules to the game are.

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