Professional summary

An Emotional Intelligence Certified practitioner, strategic and tactical adviser, Jim Rembach is an expert in using analytics for leadership, employee engagement, and organizational development. His purpose is to help organizations become more customer-centric.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Jim is the Founder of Beyond Morale and the SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics. He also hosts a weekly podcast named the Fast Leader Show.

Jim helps organizations become more customer-centric. As a certified employee retention specialist and emotional intelligence practitioner, Jim works with numerous organizations to increase employee engagement and impact symptoms such as workplace conflict, low innovation, high customer complaints,

Engagement overview

Workshops, Assessments, Consulting, Coaching, all include complimentary design consultation. Materials and third-party license fees are excluded.


• Michelin
• Electrolux
• Black & Decker
• HP
• Portland General Electric
• Grace
• Pepsi
• Sony
• AstraZeneca


It is too easy to come up with ideas to address your need. But I am a lot more prudent and impatient. While it seems like those two should not go together it ultimately leads to doing the right thing faster.

The other side of your request falls into choice. Do you want a system to encourage employees to collaborate or do you want a culture that fosters collaboration? These are very different desi... Read more

I see this as an organizational behavior change process. It goes beyond report modification and linkage strategies.

I have witnessed a few occasions where a CFOs understand this. Most just see it as a process change and have a very bad go of trying to recover because of not preparing the human-side of this issue.

I would apply the SOAR model and incorporate stakeholders into the change pro... Read more