Professional summary

Dr. Joan Kofodimos has been an executive coach and leadership consultant for 30 years. She works with leaders at all levels, in a range of organizations from Fortune 100 corporations to entrepreneurial high-growth companies. Her approach is pragmatic and grounded in the leader’s concrete objectives, but also deep enough to support sustained and meaningful change.

Joan helps leaders better understand their style and impact on others, broaden their strategic perspective,

Engagement overview

Engagement includes intensive leadership feedback and unlimited coaching calls for 6 months

6-month extensions are $20,000 (also unlimited calls)


Recent clients include:

• Pfizer
• Sapient Global Markets
• SapientNitro
• Dana Corporation

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Key clients

I have worked with many IT teams, and one of their most common challenges is that they try to explain what they are doing from their own perspective, rather than the perspective of their audience. Your audience, which I assume is the users of the IT environment, doesn't need to understand the technical details. They need to understand how the changes will add value to them in accomplishing their o... Read more

To echo and put a finer point on Mike and Jon's comments - what I have seen consistently in organizations that are pioneers in dealing with diversity is this: their leadership teams look at their own biases and pre-conceived notions, and how these inhibit both the embrace of diversity and also the quality outcomes you want.

For example, your team members expressed concern regarding “corrodin... Read more

It’s a great step that you are acknowledging that this new role might be stressful for you. I would like to focus on the beliefs and assumptions you expressed, and have you turn those over in your mind by reflecting on these questions:

Do you know for a fact that this senior engineer, and the other older employees, are “not open to new ideas” and “take themselves too seriously”?

... Read more

My colleagues have done a thorough job of describing the benefit this individual might receive from feedback and coaching, and how you might approach that.

I'd like to take a very different angle, and have you, as her manager, consider the forces that have enabled her to operate in this way and be reinforced for doing so.

Jack Welch used to talk about how managers need to set expectations f... Read more

This is a great opportunity for you to reflect on your approach to expectation management. As a leader, you have expectations of others – whether it’s that they produce a particular work product with certain quality standards, or whether it’s how they engage with you in a particular way as they do the work. And often you don’t get the behavior or performance you want out of others. Often,... Read more

You're experiencing one of the common challenges experienced by executive coaching participants. As difficult as it is to make change in your behavior, it's even more difficult to change how others perceive your behavior. The tendency is to interpret your new behaviors through old lenses, and to judge any 'backsliding' (which is inevitable when you're changing) as evidence that you're not really ... Read more


Whenever IT leaders decide to implement consistent practices to replace local autonomy, they inevitably face resistance from local stakeholders. I’m not sure what you mean by “embrace” the system, but if you truly want commitment to the new system and not just compliance, then it’s important to understand and address stakeholder concerns. It’s no good persuading stakeholders of what they... Read more

I would have you step back and reflect on your analysis of what’s actually going on here. One possible interpretation is the one you offered - that your colleague is hyper-competitive, which is creating problems for the team. But there are other interpretations, equally possible.
- Perhaps your boss has brought this colleague onto the team for the explicit purpose of shaking things up by chal... Read more

Kudos to you for wanting to engage differently with your customers. One of the biggest transformations for an IT function is the one from "pair of hands" to "strategic business partner."

You're right to believe that your group can add more value by teeing up the conversation about prioritizing customers' perceived needs across the organization - the organization doesn't have unlimited resource... Read more


Drath, W.H., Kaplan, R.E., Kofodimos, J.R. (1986). Anatomy of an executive: A close look at one executive’s managerial character and development. Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership. Out of print essay.

Drawing on over 10 years of research and experience, Kofodimos explains the pressures--both external and internal--that pull people out of balance and tells how to restore equilibrium. Throughout the book, she provides numerous checklists a... Read more

Reveals how managers on the corporate fast track can perform at peak effectiveness without burning themselves out or alienating their superiors, colleagues, employees, and families--people whose loyalty and support are essential to their su... Read more

A biographical action research approach was used to understand managers' behavior and foster their development. While taking part in a team study of executives' life histories, the author developed a theoretical framework of managerial styl... Read more

Confronting the underlying cause of workplace fear: We're being empowered but fear is still our workmate. Article Abstract- Mastery orientation paradigm (psychological and cultural patterns). Partnership orientation (human development and... Read more

Coaching in business has come a long way. Once used primarily to deal with "problem" employees, this powerful tool for improving performance and enhancing career growth has become a symbol of status among today's high-potential leaders. Whi... Read more

On the basis of numbers alone, it stands to reason that some percentage of high-potential middle managers don’t progress to the very senior positions in their organizations. But what accounts for who makes it to the top and who “derails... Read more


Joan is an expert organizational thinker, coach and business guide, who thoroughly and thoughtfully work through assumptions, options and strategies in partnership with you. She comes to the table so well prepared, you have to step up to the plate just as prepared - I have worked more than once with Joan, and would do so again if I had the opportunity.

Roopa Unnikrishnan, Innovation Catalyst & Founder Center10 Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Joan. She provided valuable insight and did it in such a way that I am now better able to recognize opportunities to continue to "self-coach". A terrific experience.

Amy Hurta, Senior Vice President NBT Bank

Joan was a delight to work with. Always asking the right questions to uncover the issues and providing an astute sounding board for potential actions.

Mike Reid, Managing Director Sapient

Joan directly helped me advance my career. Her coaching was specific, actionable and tailored for me. What has made me a life-long Joan fan was how she cared enough to learn who I am and what my desires were. Her advice and support has helped me not only professionally but in my personal life as well. Perhaps the greatest testament I can provide of Joan's positive impact is that my wife would write an equally glowing review of Joan and how she helped me grow.

Andrew Allen, Senior Director Biogen Idec

I had the privilege of having Joan as my executive/career coach. She was extremely insightful on a wide variety of situations and issues that I was facing. She was very encouraging while helping me discover collaborative methods to frame my own perspective. Joan is a true professional and I highly recommend her.

Steven Davis, Director - Information Technology BISSELL Homecare, Inc.