Professional summary

Equity Compensation confuses even the most sophisticated executives. My team can help you understand yours. We are Executive Wealth Planning Partners and

We provide Equity compensation financial planning, equity compensation plan administration consulting, plan participant education and communication, 10b5-1 diversification plans, insider trading compliance training and stock plan management. All advice is focused on helping corporate executives and their families with multi-million dollar portfolios sustain a lifetime income stream sufficient to sustain their preferred post-retirement lifestyle.

I spent 28 years as a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley before leaving to start my own advisory firm, Executive Wealth Planning

Engagement overview

For over 30 years, we have focused on helping executives and employees implement the two essential strategies that make the most of equity compensation and retirement plan programs sponsored by your employer. Retirement planning is strategic. It requires a long-term plan. Equity compensation planning is tactical. It requires disciplined short-term attention to detail. Get started with a free 30 minute conversation.