Professional summary

Lenny Laskowski is an internationally known professional speaker and the President of LJL Seminars. He is a leading authority on the topic of public speaking and presentation skills. His workshops, seminars, keynotes, and private coaching provide practical techniques that help people succeed as speakers.

Throughout his 25 year engineering career, Lenny has written and presented technical papers to people throughout the world. He shares his own personal experiences

Engagement overview

Executive one-on-one coaching along with "in-house" group programs for any size group.  Programs from 1/2 day to 3-4 day programs available - all customized to meet your needs. We are the leading authority on public speaking skills and internationally recognized expert.


• ABB Combustion
• Advanced Technologies & Services, LLC
• Allmerica Financial
• A.M. Consultants
• American


The challenge with getting this type of quality advice can be very difficult. Most people outside of senior management are very reluctant to provide any type of feedback or advice in fear of being retaliated against them. They feel most surveys are not anonymous and feel somehow their candid (and maybe not popular) answers will get back to them in a negative way and will result in some sort of r... Read more

The best piece of advice I can give you is to:

(1) Make a simple outline of key point to talk about and your key points.
(2) Do not write out what you will say (other than key points) and just talk about it conversationally.
In other words, just have a conversation with your audience and do not get too hung up about how you are going to say things. Focus on providing accurate facts, but write ou... Read more

As an international professional speaker who has provided over 2700 programs world-wide I am often asked this same question: Below is a short excerpt from an article on my website:

Quick Tips You Can Use in Everyday Situations

A terrific first step to developing speaking skills is to begin to focus on how you speak in everyday speaking situations. Let's take a look at four situations where ... Read more

Those in the organization need to buy into the (1) need for change and (2) be part of the solution for the change in
participating how to manage the change. Encourage everyone to communicate using more face-to-face communication.
Management needs to spend more time out of their office and more communicating with their employees and at the same time
make themselves more available for people to ... Read more


Lenny Laskowski facilitated numerous Presentation Skill classes for the Department of the Army, CECOM LCMC, Fort Monmouth, NJ. We received excellent feedback from the attendees. I personally attended his Presentation Skills class and found it informative and effective. Lenny was a pleasure to work with and extremely flexible.

Natalie Grenoble, Organizational Development Specialist

I've been speaking professionally for over 16 years spending thousands of dollars in various websites that never worked as advertised from supposedly top flight designers. For an investment of a regular chapter meeting, Lenny Laskowski provided specific & powerful tools and techniques that made immediate massive positive impact on my website. He also provided a remarkable format for a reliable internet marketing tool. This is one of the NSA speakers every chapter should have on their "must come here" list.

Bill Karlson, Past President NSA Tennessee

Thanks Lenny. Your presentation was energetic and achieved our goal of setting the stage for the day--your insights, particularly about SEO got rave reviews from a rather savvy marketing crowd.

Mona Buckley, CEO Professional Insurance Marketing Association

Lenny - I would like to express my thanks to you for the role you played in making our National Business Meeting a tremendous success this year! Your seminar "Simply Speaking…Selling Yourself and Your Ideas" was highly informative, interesting and effective. Everyone who attended greatly benefited and gave successful presentations at our meeting.

Mark Lyle, Vice President, Marketing W.J. Deutsch & Sons Ltd.

The course of presentation skills with Lenny Laskowski was very good because of the trainer's character, I could profit from this course, thanks to Medix the organizer of this course for good organization.

Yousef Eldos, Academic and informalionlist

Thanks to every participant in this workshop under the leadership of the international trainer Lenny Laskowski She enjoys great experience, good performance and unlimited giving to all participants, thanks to all specially, Medex Co. and its officials.

Khalifa Mohamed El Mihrisi, Chancellor Dubai Courts

Attending this course with the international trainer Lenny Laskowski is a new addition to my life where I profited from this course and its non official meeting the affair which availed a distinctive training condition. Hopping you more success in your scientific and practical life.

Badr El Hazemi, Faculty's Dean

When speaking about Trainer Lenny Laskowski during this course, we can evaluate the most sticking figure in this field He is excellent.

Abd Alla Soliman El Azaz, The Official Speaker of Saudi prisons.

Lenny is a true professional and expert in the field of public speaking and communication. During the 3 days of private coaching with him, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Lenny willingly shared his huge expertise with me and showed me all aspects involved with setting up my workshop. Through his powerful and effective video-taping coaching system, I became a much better and more confident speaker. After visiting Lenny, I had all the tools I needed to continue with my project. Lenny truly stands out as a coach and doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile to prepare his students for success.

Ellen Hol, Holistic Health Care Practitioner Healing Transformations

I got the pleasure of spending a few hours with Lenny to work on an upcoming conference that I am having in a couple of weeks. We spent the first hour of tutoring discussing my needs and then we spent a half day doing a training session. My training included developing clear presentation materials and how to present them effectively.

We also talked about the little things when it comes to public speaking - from making sure the room is set up correctly to how hand gestures can really make a difference when giving a presentation. Lenny has worked with all types of people from around the world and he is very knowledgeable on the subject of public speaking. I would highly recommend Lenny.

Paige P.