Professional summary

Since 1990 I've run a company called Echelon Management. We work with leaders of successful teams who want to accelerate their growth as well as ownership that needs to turnaround companies in challenging times.

We also provide speakers for national conferences and association meetings on growth topics and facilitate leadership and growth strategy sessions.

We also act as a strategic growth coach and advisors to the leaders of companies as well as participate on company boards.

*My book Growth or Bust! is available at: Barnes & Noble where in the Greater Cincinnati Region it has occasionally been the #1 best selling book in the business section. Leaders of 8 figure or larger companies can contact me for a complimentary

Engagement overview

We identify the growth objectives and inhibitors and build a methodology to bridge the gap. You can read about many of our approaches in Growth or Bust! Proven Turnaround Strategies to Grow Your Company from Career Press by Mark Faust


• Towne Properties
• Duro Bag
• Texo Chemical
• One Touch
• Colliers International
• Michlig Company
• Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau
• Level Partners
• Enza Zaden US & Mexico divisions
• North American Properties
• Cassidy Turley


One of the best processes I've been involved in and the exercise of strategizing on just the top growth customers and prospects will be worth millions from my efforts alone, and I can see much more growth coming from the rest of our team. I'm delighted to be a testimonial for you.

Don King, President Michlig Company

Through the Stretch 100 process I have almost doubled my sales.

Mike Brown Bureau of National Affairs

Eleven of our Fortune 50 customers that you interviewed gave you incredible ROI information for our services...that and your process has helped us to improve our sales process, proposals, marketing and even helped us better manage these multi million dollar customer relationships.

Johan Praats, VP Sales One Touch

Mark is the only consultant to ever hold us accountable to what we learned and he taught us the method (Echeloning) to continue accountability for constant learning and constant improvement of the critical success factor work.

Kevin Hughes, President of Regional Office Colliers International

I have hired Echelon to work at 5 different companies, and been continually impressed, with how they can bond, analyze and exhort the executive team, based on what they learn from within the team and from the customers.

Co-Founder of several start-ups

Our state is now #3 in the nation (up from 17 since you began working with us two years ago) and we are up in production 198.44%. We continue to use the tools you've shared and Echelon has definitely played a key role in our growth.

Mel Ellis, Director Mortgage Loan Programs

Echelon completely changed/improved our positioning, greatly improving our market potential and growth...a very well heeled team increased sales activity by 200% at least and sales results nearly as much. If we get sold Echelon obviously will have had a 7 figure impact on our value. Echelon helped refocus our team and move forward at a much more productive pace, and we have laser like focus. Echelon enhanced communication channels of the different departments and strategically turned this company around 180 degrees.

Ronnie O'Dell, Director of Channel Relationships

Just 10% of what the sales force received will be enough to justify our investment. We are implementing Echeloning across the continent.

Bob Fisher, Bob Fisher President Texo Chemical

After the shadowing/coaching with the reps Echelon was able to offer 1. valuable consulting, 2. additional insights into the best practices of our industry and sales cycle and 3. customize their solutions to us. More sales are being made because of our investment.

Paul Feldman, VP Sales Duro Bag

The benefits weren't just in sales but: 1. TIME MANAGEMENT and 2. TEAM BUILDING, the ideas presented are adding significantly to our bottom line. Our $30,000 investment in the effort was paid off ten fold with the ideas.

Bob Walhke, President Towne Properties