Case study: A CEO Develops the Qualities of Good Leadership
Maynard Brusman
Maynard Brusman

Retail Fortune 500


The CEO of a recognized brand in the Retail Industry was referred by the Human Resources Manager. The leader of the company was described as brilliant, but vary narcissistic. She was perceived as arrogant and condescending to several key direct reports including the CFO. She was frequently late to meetings and perceived as disorganized. The Board of Directors was seriously concerned about her behavior and was seriously considering firing her.



A six month assessment-based one-on-one Executive Coaching Program was initiated. The company leader was given several leadership assessments that measure emotional intelligence competency. An extensive interview revealed a number of leadership style characteristics that was causing a great deal of interpersonal difficulty. Dr. Brusman provided a comprehensive Leadership Report that helped the CEO understand her preferences, attitudes, and behaviors in key dimensions of leadership. The Leadership Report helped focus the coaching meetings on her strengths, areas for further development, goals and action learning. After several months of successful coaching and the development of a trusting relationship, a 360 feedback performance appraisal was conducted.



The CEO learned the qualities of good leadership and a more flexible leadership style. She developed more self awareness and empathy for her people. Self-management and organizational capability improved. Collaborating with her people, she developed a compelling vision for the company. She was retained by the Board and developed vastly improved interpersonal and time management skills. Dr. Brusman served as a Trusted Advisor to the Senior Leadership Team. 

Effective leaders are capable of managing themselves—their time and emotions. The CEO was able to learn the requisite emotional intelligence competencies to truly become an inspirational leader.