Case study: A Three-Part Solution: Significant Company Growth
David Williams
David Williams

A contract sales organization that served large pharmaceutical companies.


Market dynamics had been deteriorating as the pharmaceutical industry began to reduce the size sales forces; meanwhile, large customers had started negotiating aggressively.



Our solution strategy had three main areas: (1) assembling a broader portfolio of outsourced sales, marketing, and product development offerings, (2) focusing business development efforts on mid-sized and smaller customers who viewed outsourcing as a strategic imperative rather than a necessary evil, and (3) becoming an attractive acquirer for private company owners seeking a strategic buyer and the opportunity to continue their career growth.

Health Business Group helped identify acquisition candidates and performed commercial due diligence on companies in medication adherence, data mining, predictive modeling, pharmacovigilance, professional staffing, cost containment, sales force automation, advertising, and market research.



We worked with the client to develop and execute an acquisition and diversification strategy that resulted in a 30-fold increase in stock price over the course of our five-year engagement.