Case study: An Executive Screening Process
Sam Alibrando
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Veolia Transportation


A newly acquired division of Veolia was in need of a GM for this division. The president of the newly acquired division was going to work up line for corporate and needed a replacement for his role.


1.Discover: Sam worked with the president to determine who the ideal candidate would be, based not on his previous role, but based on future strategy. They determined a suite of Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes that this person would need to be successful in driving this division forward. From this we derived a job description and a wish list. They determined a personality and aptitude assessments that they could give to finalists. (A tool where they scored every candidate on 13 personality attributes.

2. Identification. They discussed the best venues to use to get a pool of good candidates and then how to screen these candidates to get to the finalist.

3. Selection: As a result of 1 & 2 they ended up with 3 finalists. They were put through a battery of predetermined tests. Along with a list of standardized behavioral interview questions that all candidates would be asked, they determined questions to investigate based on the scores from each of their assessments. (For example, one person had particularly high aggression scores. Another had low “confrontation” scores.) Sam sat in on at least one interview of each candidate. Each candidate was asked the same standardized questions and then the question unique to test results.


4. Making a Choice: Sam advised (but did not vote) on who would be selected based on his involvement in the process, what he understood the organization was looking for and the possible strengths/ weaknesses of each candidate.

5. On-boarding: Sam met with the new GM (and the previous president) to help guide him toward a seamless integration into the division and the parent organization.

They picked one of the three candidates. The previous president was more than happy with the choice. Sam still occasionally meets with the GM as part of his integration and on-boarding.