Case study: Cash deficit to cash rich in 90 days
Mark Palmer
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A custom manufacturing firm with an annual turnover of $5.5 Mn


With $5 Mn on credit, the new owner of the firm was always struggling with funds management. There was immense pressure every month to cover payroll of 32 employees.


• Analyzed the situation for causes of cash deficit such as unnecessary overheads, wastage of resources, incorrect forecasting, etc.

• Provided a sample of “Can I make payroll" situation; trained him on using the tool on a weekly basis

• Hand-held the owner during various operations pertaining to cash management for 90 days


• The client claims it is the most powerful cash management system he has come across and uses it on a daily basis

• Productivity enhancement resulted in a 10% increment in margins

• Owner is able to make advance payments and there have been investments worth over $0.1 Mn towards capital improvement