Case study: Dignity Index
Mark Juszczak
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Saad Foundation


The Saad Foundation requested the development of a process index for assessing improvements in human dignity across a number of social areas that are relevant to human development in the MENA region.

While much of the focus, from a perspective of political discourse, has been on human rights, the foundation felt that the language of rights, especially when invoked across a east/west dichotomy, prevented inclusive discussion on social issues directly linked to human dignity, such as living wills, dignity of women, dignity and employment of the disabled, etc... They wanted to create an index that would be able to identify improvements in the persistence and protection of dignity.


I developed a dignity index that is based on process complexity. This index examines complexity of arbitration and resolution process for multiple parties as a function of persistence of dignity across social and legal issues.

A beta version of this index has been deployed in assessing persistence of dignity with respect to dignity in the process of dying and dignity in the process of employment for disabled individuals across the MENA region.


The dignity index will result in an annual assessment of process complexity for the evolution of social issues that negatively impact dignity of respective cohorts.