Case study: Emerging Pharmaceutical Company

Life Sciences


• Provide support to key senior managers, including the current President and CEO, through challenging management transitions and an extended period of rapid growth and change. • Address the skills gaps that became apparent when predominantly technical/scientific managers assumed leadership/managerial positions. • Help functional executives manage ongoing corporate growth and diversification. • Develop a stronger bench of junior managers positioned for future leadership succession.


• Conducted a Climate Survey to perform an organizational “Pulse Check” on employee satisfaction/engagement. Performed periodic follow-up surveys to monitor progress. • Coached key executives in the development, communication and implementation of organizational changes in response to growth and an evolving business environment. • Coached key leaders who were at risk of career derailment due to an inability to transition from a senior technical role to a functional/project leadership role. • Conducted teambuilding sessions with scientific leadership teams focusing on improving interpersonal effectiveness and team functioning. • Held the first-ever leadership development training for 80+ managers in the organization in concepts of “manager as coach” and “situational leadership.”


Enhanced the key leaders’ change management skills as they guided the company through a period of fast growth in which the organization doubled in size through acquisitions and released its first product. Provided support and counsel to the President and CEO through a time of tremendous turnover in the executive leadership team. Transitioned scientific teams from a competitive dynamic to more a collaborative style. Enhanced the interpersonal and management/business competencies of several key leaders. Improved employee motivation, morale, and engagement.