Case study: Employee Performance Excels with Short-Term, Scenario-Based, Manager Coaching
Barry Zweibel
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A leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the health care industry


Due to a series of layoffs and a significantly flattened hierarchy – and the “chasm of leadership continuity” created by relatively inexperienced managers now reporting directly to senior-level executives – the company’s Global Learning and Development (GLD) group, with my assistance, created a "fast-track" program whereby the need for short-term, coaching and mentoring calls could be immediately approved and scheduled.


GLD would pre-purchase a bulk number of coaching calls that a designated liaison would then allocate, on an as-needed basis, to functional managers across the company needing assistance. (Allocations were then “billed back” to user departments so the entire initiative was cost-neutral to GLD.) As the call inventory depleted, bulk re-orders were processed and paid for, which helped GLD manage program pre-buys on a quarterly basis.

A typical engagement lasted 2 or 3 calls, provided company managers with a confidential sounding board for such things as: performance management discussions; interviewing and selection; planning and forecasting; presentation dry-runs; and such.

In an unrelated assignment, I facilitated the morning of Day Two of an off-site department retreat, integrating the learning from their “high ropes” experience the day before and seguing that into a readiness for the planning and goal-setting activities scheduled for later in the day.


Numerous manager/employee difficulties and misunderstandings were expertly mitigated or avoided entirely.

(I also received a certificate of Professional Excellence and Appreciation for my “continued and outstanding commitment” to the GLD group.)

Engagement outcomes and post-engagement survey results for this, and other engagements, are available at and