Case study: Executives Motivate their Teams and Solve Time-Crunch with Proxy-based Coaching
Barry Zweibel
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IT Operations division of one of the country’s largest insurance carriers


Notwithstanding the increasing recognition that Information Technology personnel needed to learn more about how business operates and the “people” side of leadership, the senior management team for the division knew they had neither the time, nor skill, to coach and mentor their direct reports – or others in their organization – as much as was needed or wanted. Based on my prior 1-on-1 work with each of them, they retained my services as their proxy for these efforts.


Using my F.R.A.M.E coaching model as a guide, each participant enrolled in 6- to 9-month fully-customized, 1-on-1, coaching engagement that included a mix of in-person, by phone, and email-based interactions designed specifically around their particular developmental needs, current responsibilities, and career aspirations.

Attending to one or more Executive Intelligence contexts was often a focus:

(1) their ability to accomplish tasks;
(2) their ability to work with and through other people; and
(3) their ability to recognize their impact, take responsibility for it, and modify their behaviors accordingly – along with a variety of other professional development topics and explorations.


Leaders insured that their key leadership messages and department priorities got regularly reinforced without having to do so themselves, saving them time and providing more thorough follow-up, support, and executive-level insights throughout the organization.

Direct reports felt motivated and inspired by working with an external coach and advocate who understood the needs and preferences of their bosses so well.

Engagement outcomes and post-engagement survey results for this, and other engagements, are available at and