Case study: From Survival to Growth in 3 Years
Daniel Feiman
Daniel Feiman

Financial Services


A mid-sized alternative lender had no strategic plan, no direction, no growth prospects, and its ability to even survive was in doubt. They had not followed their own client guidelines & had gotten themselves into trouble.


I taught this company how to develop their own unique Vision (why they exist) to guide them toward where they wanted to go. From the Vision, I facilitated the creation of their Mission (how they will achieve the Vision), the Values and eventually their specific Goals. From this position of clarity, we worked together to create their strategic plan. This leveraged their resources, market knowledge and determination to succeed to plan their achievable future.

I worked with them to survey the market, determine under & unserved niches to craft a marketing plan. We then developed the marketing tactics, trained their sales force and prepared to present the revolutionary concept to the Board of Directors for approval.


The Board was skeptical but agreed to a 6 month trail. The implementation worked so well that the company generated $50,000,000 in new, profitable business, with higher margins than they ever realized before, in the first three years subsequent to our engagement