Case study: Overcoming Challenge in Inorganic Growth Strategy
Daniel Feiman
Daniel Feiman

Escrow company


A mid-sized escrow company discovered an opportunity in the marketplace that would allow them to rapidly expand through acquisition. Although they had a strategy to do so it was not working. They simply did not know how to execute their strategy.


I worked with the company to craft an implementation plan that would allow them to leverage their two best resources; very experienced escrow managers and strong banking relationships.

I trained the managers in problem solving techniques and strategic thinking. This enabled and empowered them to develop specific tactics, training materials, training programs, process improvements and standardized processes that enabled “win-win” acquisition. This gained the support of their banker, their staff and the target entities.


Over the next two years, the company more than doubled its number of offices, achieved significant economies of scale and improved the effectiveness of its staff. Ultimately, the company tripled its bottom line over that same time period.