Case study: Partnering for Growth in a Wealth Management Company
Sara LaForest
Sara LaForest

Private, wealth management company located in New England.


Owner of a wealth management company needed help to re-energize the company for growth. His objective was to set a strategic direction and identify priorities that would generate growth, and then execute based on the priorities.


We interviewed each member of the firm to better understand his or her impression of the company, its competition, what worked well, what could work better and his or her opinion on the viability of and means for growth.

We conducted a multiple day strategy session where we started with what was learned from the group members regarding company attributes, risks, opportunities, challenges and priorities, as a baseline. We identified the growth objectives and what was required to achieve those goals. We utilized a number of processes to discuss, vet and frame out an implementable growth strategy.

One of the growth objectives was brand building (more actively influencing brand perceptions). A clear point identified during this process was that the firm needed to understand their customers better, which was a key to ongoing growth.

We conducted a customer survey to determine what customers valued most, what could be done differently or better and the overall NPS (net promoter score, reflective of referral, recommendation and loyalty). This information was used in guiding the brand building growth objective.


The client identified targeted strategic priorities in their plan and we worked with them providing implementation support. All the operational improvements were either accomplished or well underway at their six-month follow-up meeting.

Additionally, the customer survey results were analyzed and presented to the executive team for review and action, then summarized by the President and sent to all the clients in a follow-up communication, in a Question and Answer type format.

The company received positive feedback on their customer survey initiative as an engagement tool by demonstrating listening and responsiveness to their customers, and they have started to sign new clients and grow their business.