Case study: Record-Breaking Sales Attributed to Leadership's Increased Conflict Competency
Barry Zweibel
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Sales Directors of a Fortune 100 financial services organization and leading retirement provider


Assessing and improving the “conflict competency” of sales directors, across the country, with respect to their increasing the use of constructive responses to conflict, decreasing the use of destructive responses to conflict, and better managing the “hot buttons” that trigger them into real – or perceived – interpersonal conflicts.


Baseline conflict competency levels were identified through the use of the Conflict Dynamic Profile – Individual (CDP-I) self-assessment and personalized debriefings/coaching, thereafter.


Observable improvements were recognized in those who have not always handled conflict as effectively as they might; those who typically have failed to anticipate, recognize, and recover from, what “triggers” feelings of conflict, in themselves and others; those who tended to avoid certain interactions because of their inherent potential for conflict; and those who wanted to become more agile and effective in conflict situations.

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