Professional summary

I started my first business when I was 15 years old going up against the local bike shop in town. I quickly learned that it didn't matter how old you were or how much money you had in relation to starting a business. I was creative, passionate about my products, and driven to succeed.

What I also learned is that funding, marketing and presence do matter. Since this time I've owned several part-time businesses while working for others. In 2008 I decided to take the plunge and go in to business full-time. My business is completely dedicated to serving other businesses. Thus, I'm a B2B business.

I'm also a speaker for hire to present workshops, seminars, and keynotes. I have experience speaking to groups across Northern California on the

Engagement overview

My typical client meets with me for about 60 minutes 2-4x a month. We begin with a discussion of the challenge at hand, then create a game plan to resolve it as a short-term or long-term engagement. Work with teams is charged by the project.


• Kaiser Permanente
• Apple
• Cisco
• UC Hastings School of Law
• Dow Jones


I'm a small business coach and consultant. I see two common mistakes being made again and again by small businesses in relation to technology.

1. They fail to stay up on technology trends and usually lag behind larger companies (and even consumers) in adoption. For example, cloud storage utilities like Dropbox and Google Drive. Cloud storage is now commonplace and really inexpensive, yet many s... Read more

The Gallup organization conducts regular polls to see the level of employee engagement in American companies. The numbers are usually in the low 30s. When employees aren't engaged in their work it's often due to a few factors:

1. Their manager is not invested in their engagement by understanding what drives them as an individual. A one size fits all management approach leaves certain employees f... Read more


I often help my clients to find good people to fill key positions. Before any interviews ever happen make sure that what people are responding to is a very solid job ad. Small business owners being very busy hastily post a shallow ad that doesn't fully describe the position, skills necessary to thrive in the position, minimum qualifications, and opportunities for growth (yes, even in a small busin... Read more


I've always been one to be skeptical about consultants, unfairly thinking they just tell you what you want to hear or what you already know but rephrased in the latest jargon. But I am pleased to say that Michael Neuendorff with the Growth Coach of San Mateo County has changed my thoughts 180 degrees. In the past nine months working with Michael, I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from the Growth Coach. If you are in search of growth, give him a call. Michael has guided me to systematically look at every component of my business. We've explored together the strengths and weaknesses of my small business and found areas for improvement. This self-discovery alone would be worth the time and cost of the service, but Michael's consulting goes far beyond that. Together, we come up with ideas on improving our weaknesses, work on filling any holes, and of course, build on the things we do well already to do even better. On top of all that, Michael is pleasant to work with. He is gracious, professional, and I dare say, one of the good guys. I would unhesitatingly recommend Michael and his business services for anyone looking to prosper in their business endeavors


I am a landscape contractor and have been in business for over ten years. During the past two years I had been experiencing a steady decline in business. About eight months ago, with my phone not ringing, I found myself at a critical point. I needed to figure out some way to change my stagnant situation. I love what I do, and did not want to give up my business. So, I decided to, in a sense, invest in myself, and hire Mike as my business coach. It's a hard thing to do, when you feel you can't stay afloat, to decide to spend extra money, but in looking back, it was the wisest investment I could have made. Now, in early 2010 I am experiencing the most lucrative winter of my 10 years in business. As a landscaper, that's saying a lot. I would highly recommend using Mike whether you are struggling or thriving. He will take whatever your current level of success is, and help you build from there

Sue Wilk Weeds by Wilk

Michael is worth his weight in gold! I own Nucleus Personal Training and I am an excellent Personal Trainer; but when it comes to sales and marketing I was working FAR below my potential. Michael is like a Personal Trainer for business. He helps me come up with organized marketing plans, setting business and marketing goals, works with me on my sales presentations, and gets me to 'think bigger' and expand my business. I have seen a HUGE increase in my sales since I started working with Michael. I recommend him to anyone who wants to expand their business

Tania Cinquini, Personal Trainer

I have been working with Michael to plan out the next steps for my business. He's been supportive on goals, helping me break them down into steps and to help me see what I need to do to accomplish them. And, he's given me new promotional ideas – which I am working on implementing. Part of the reason I chose to work with Michael is that he believes in balancing your work and personal lives – and I have been able to maintain that balance while making progress with my business. He's helped me to see how I can do enough with the business to move it forward, while still making time for my family, hobbies and getting some occasional downtime. I highly recommend Michael to any small business owner who would like to grow their business while maintaining "a life

Erin Ferree, Brand Stylist BrandStyle Design

Mike has proven to be a great asset to my business and career development ventures. Having a personal coach as motivated and engaged as Mike has helped me tremendously. I've tackled complex issues and uncovered dynamic solutions to many aspects of my daily routines that were unproductive. In October 2008 Mike and I formed the basis of a strategic partnership between our two businesses which has now become the FYbI Network. This venture has led us to become seen as experts in our prospective fields and effectively doubled our marketing efforts. Mike is an excellent partner and I hope to continue our shared successes for years to come

J.P. Verzosa, Vice President Bank of the West

Michael is a careful listener, analytical, creative and direct. He comes quickly to the heart of business challenges, offering specific and well reasoned approaches for both strategic planning as well marketing programs. All with an eye toward balancing your professional and personal life, which can be challenging for a small business owner. He has been a tremendous assistance to me an my business and I recommend him highly

Dade W. Donovan DC

I was recently asked to share the most important marketing strategy I used in 2009. I answered that hiring Michael as my coach was by far the very best decision I made. Michael is keeping me on track in so many ways from time to finance management and prioritization of tasks. He is also helping me to be more strategic in the way I run my business. I like the way he records the important points of our meetings and then sends them to me. Perhaps most importantly, he holds me to my promises. Michael is even getting me involved in Social Media, which is a big leap for me! I highly recommend him. Michael will give you 200%

Lelana Crayne, Independent Consultant Nikken

Michael is a proven performer! His value and dedication to improve business practices and profitability for my company are what make him the best!!! I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to sharpen their skills and regain focus in these challenging times

Manisha Patel

It's been a great experience working with Mike on the FYbI Network. He is very organized and is a great speaker. The Growth Coach is actually a good description of him as he is great at helping people grow and works as an excellent coach as well. All his clients that I've met had really positive things to say about him

Brandon Au, Managing Associate Mass Mutual Financial Group

Michael is a savvy marketer and an excellent resource to his clients. If you are looking for a marketing coach he would be an excellent choice. Mitch Meyerson, Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching

Mitch Meyerson, CEO Guerrilla Marketing Coach