Professional summary

I have been in the Legal industry for nearly 25 years. I practiced law for almost 7 years as a trial attorney. For over 15 years I have focused on developing, marketing, and supporting products and services for legal technology, particularly eDiscovery.

One of my specialties as an attorney was representing companies battling ex-employees over misuse of trade secrets and violations of employment contracts. It was through this area that I got involved in eDiscovery, in finding the documents that the ex-employees had tried to delete.

And then the Internet happened (thank you Al Gore!). Instead of using technology for just my own practice I could now use it to move the profession forward. I joined a dot-com that was building an automated legal research system. I helpe

Engagement overview

Engagement types vary with the area of expertise.  For legal technology project, the scope tends to be strategic, to focus on solutions for company needs.  For eDiscovery and Privacy projects, the work is largely reactive to tactical needs, driven by regulatory or litigation demand.  For marketing and product management projects I work with the company to help them develop, refine, test and bring to market products and services.


• International text analytics company
• Leading provider of Cloud-based eDiscovery
• Global Risk Management consulting company
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