Professional summary

Michelle Tillis Lederman, PCC, author of The 11 Laws of Likability and Heroes Get Hired, is the founder of Executive Essentials, a training company that provides communications and leadership programs, as well as executive coaching services. Michelle specializes in teaching people how to communicate with confidence, clarity, and connection.

With Michelle's help, a top level executive at CNH Global learned to provide clear and actionable feedback to improve his authority within his team. She also helped him to develop his public speaking skills to enhance his confidence and engagement during presentations. At J&J, Michelle coached a rising manager to shift organization perceptions of his abilities and improve his executive impact. This all

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


A few keep concepts will help you here: Empowerment, Engagement, and Understanding.
- Determine with them the need and partner with them on solutions.
- Ask them how they suggest working in the new format
- Seek input on concerns and overcoming them
- Put ownership over pieces of the process in their hands... Read more

Think conversation - not presentation. Answer the question, "What do i want the audience to know, think, feel, or do at the end of my talk?" Once you know that - start with it. You must believe your message and feel it if you want anyone else to. What makes a great speaker is that connection.

Practical tips:
- Practice your opening
- Pick three key points you want to make
- Tell a sto... Read more

I use a four part conversation model that engages the DR in the conversation.

ASK: Start with a questions about the situation. See what they know and think.
ELABORATE: Add your thoughts or perspective on the situation. Provide additional details so they have a full picture.
EMPOWER: Ask for their suggestions on how to solve the problem. Probe with curiosity.
COLLABORATE: Incorporate ... Read more

Pros and cons - as always.

Benefits to having the same coach:
- They understand the business
-The are aware of existing issues
- They know the interpersonal dynamics
- They know both sides of the story

Risks and challenges:
- Confidentiality is more challenging when they have too much information
- Trust may be harder to establish when they coach everyone (including coachee's bo... Read more

Two words... Business Impact. All projects have business impact - you are recommending it for a reason and the reason is not always financial or solely financial. Include the potential quantifiable results. but first, highlight the benefits of the project that are more tangible or certain... Read more

Instead of focusing on what they know - ask what they want. What do they want to see differently? People are 19times more likely to avoid pain than seek gain. So find the pain point and show how you can help... Read more


Think conversation not presentation. You are up there because you have the knowledge - remember that. understand how the fear manifests itself and then you can counter those reactions which are either physical, mental or behavioral.

To help manage opening fears, I do encourage to memorize your first line and the transition to your content. Organize your content and mentally think through why... Read more


You did an outstanding job of addressing the specifics we requested and accomplished that in a very engaging and energetic manner. The analysis of personality types and their effect on sales opportunities was especially helpful.

Robin Bloom, Vice President Bank Hapoalim

Michelle is amazing! Her talk was insightful, funny and thought provoking.

Ticora V. Jones, Senior Advisor USAID

THANK YOU! Everyone loved you — I'm getting really good feedback about the evening and your talk…and women are responding that they have already implemented your tips. Thanks for making the evening so special.

Jan Dahms, Founder 6 Figures Women

Her comfort in who she is, coupled with her dynamic personality and precise communication style have always had Michelle stand out as a leader in every room she enters. She is highly engaging and can very quickly relate to a variety of situations and audiences. In tandem with these – I have found Michelle's commitment to being prepared, and her drive to ensure an "exceed all expectations" outcome, most admirable. She is undoubtedly a subject matter expert in her field of communication. However, her value is best experienced through her ability to use her instincts, life experience, and deep understanding of the corporate environment to create very "real" and relevant outcomes.

Farhad Motiwalla, Principal Strategic Communication Lab

Saying Michelle was phenomenal is an understatement. Her talk was packed with both great insights and practical, meaningful tips. She's the kind of speaker I couldn't take my eyes off… she had an energy that not only inspired the audience during the talk, but continues to inspire us long after.

Stefanie Wichansky, Founder & CEO Professional Resource Partners LLC

Michelle immediately lit up the room with her energy and ability to connect and relate with the audience. She's an outstanding balance of motivation, empathy and professionalism.

Michael Malone, Associate Dean Columbia Business School

Michelle was energetic, informative, put humor into her presentation and kept us involved as an audience.

Aida Visakay, CEO AxisPointe, LLC

Michelle handled a demanding audience of CEO's, CIO's, and Fund Managers with energy, humor, professionalism, and spontaneity… The talk was absolutely great.

Frank Fanzilli, Former Managing Director & Global Chief Information Officer Credit Suisse

What a powerhouse Michelle is. From the point I walked into the room and shook hands with her until I left I couldn't stop listening. I appreciated her wit and humor, it was like listening to a friend. I highly recommend her if you are looking to inject energy and purpose into your organization!

Rupa Kale, Owner Bottle & Bottega

Michelle is an outstanding teacher and coach who provides ongoing one-on-one coaching services to faculty and PhD students including class observation, advice, and counsel in the areas of pre-term planning, within-term problem management and opportunity development, and classroom presence coaching. She has always received outstanding feedback and I enthusiastically recommend her.

Ian Stewart, Director of Faculty Development NYU Stern School of Business