Professional summary

In 1992, after a thirty-year career as a labor/ employment law attorney and union leader, Paul Glover founded The Glover Group, a Management Consulting firm dedicated to assisting Companies survive the WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy by improving workplace performance. He is also a turnaround Expert who provides Business Triage to Organizations that are in trouble or not achieving their full potential.

Paul is the Author of the WorkQuake™, writes articles for Industrial Distribution, Business Performance, Vistage, Training Magazine, and HR Professional. He is a frequent blogger on Fast Company.

Paul teaches Leadership theory, Assessing Leadership Skills, Communication Skills for Managers, Team Building, Critical Thinking and Employment

Engagement overview

The No B.S. Performance Improvement Plan includes:

Step 1: 360 Degree Evaluation; DISC or Myers-Briggs Assessment; Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Step 2: Developing an Action Plan to bridge The Gap from where the person is to where they want to be.

Step 3: Creating a 3 month bi-monthly coaching interaction to ensure the Action Plan is implemented.

Step 4: Getting results!


• Ewing Irrigation
• Lentzcaping
• Siskin Steel
• Chatham Steel


Paul blends the wide workplace experience of an attorney and consultant, skill as an adult educator, and the vision of a seasoned administrator

Richard Walsh Ph.D., Director, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Lewis University

If you like working with no nonsense people and can handle the outright truth about your business, your team, or yourself; you will love WorkQuake, Paul Glover's new book. Paul has an uncanny way of giving you the unabridged truth about your business that you need to hear

Donald Prebola, Vice President Huma

Paul Glover's book WorkQuake hits you right between the eyes. It is full of sensible, practical ideas for both your company and your personal productivity. If you implement just one of his ideas in each area, you'll quickly find yourself with a more competitive company and a more fulfilling day

Jim Huguelet, PMP The Huguelet Group LLC

Like an earthquake shaking the foundations of homes built along its fault line, Glover's new book WorkQuake agitates the business status quo

Marshall Goldsmith, Author