Project proposal: Create a Medical Tourism Service Line in the Caribbean
Edward Stephenson
Edward Stephenson
Client impact

1. Constructing a medical tourism business strategy
2. Preparing the facility for accreditation
3. Understanding the 3rd party payer and insurer requirements
4. Familiarizing yourself with key areas like follow up care, liability of malpratice lawsuits, available
government support, etc.
5. Creating international marketing campaigns and referral partnerships to attract foreign patients

Engagement overview

It will be a half-day seminar designed for hospitals, surgery centers and physician practices. Depending on interest it maybe followed by a more detailed workshop or active consulting assistance in executing a medical tourism strategy.

Relevant background

Edward C. Stephenson, MSW, MPH has over thirty years’ experience in the health care industry ranging from medical tourism, program development, managed care, strategic planning, ambulatory care, to management consulting. He has held key executive level positions in both private and public sector organizations. View consultant profile