Project proposal: Execute your Sales Strategy by Improving Sales Effectiveness
Mark Palmer
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Client impact

Does your sales team regularly miss its numbers? Do you have a bloated sales pipeline which is full of unviable opportunities?

Mark can help you:
1. Increase sales with the existing sales team
2. Increase the balance of performance across the sales team
3. Improve revenue forecast accuracy

Engagement overview

1. Initial discussion with CEO or Head of Sales on the overall sales goals Vs. the current situation. Understand expectations from the Sales team.

2. Review goals with the sales team, provide them with a 1-page template and request each member to come up with a game plan.
a. Name the prospects
b. How are they going to reach the prospects
c. How are they going to communicate the value proposition
d. How will they qualify prospects for progressing to next stage
e. What do they plan to propose to the prospect

3. Each Sales team member presents his/her plan to the manager/CEO and Mark, along with what support they need to be successful ("I need more leads" does not count).

4. The entire team agrees on a simple weekly/ biweekly rhythm to review progress

Mark will be part of reviews bi-weekly, and he will be accessible to each team member if they feel stuck.

NOTE: 25% of Mark's fee is contingent upon sales team beating a 'realistic' quota in the first 180 days.

Relevant background

Mark's professional career includes:

• 15 years of Coaching leaders and sales teams of fast growing organization
• 6 board positions
• 6 interim executive positions
• Several successful exits
• Overall 22 leadership positions of transforming underperforming teams to peer leadership. Titles include CEO, COO, VP Sales and IT director View consultant profile