Project proposal: Maximize Effectiveness of a New Manager
Mike Dorman
Mike Dorman
Client impact

In many organizations, technically high-achieving employees are rewarded for performance by being put in charge of a team. Sadly, in several instances, the team performance does start to flounder almost immediately because the star performer lacks the skills to lead and those on the team can be resistant to new leadership.

Successful integration of a new manager into the new role involves 3 components:
• Work with the manager to identify the look of success and related expectations
• Work with the full team as a team to achieve alignment of all behind a shared vision and related
• Work with the individual team members to help them overcome any obstacles that can hinder
their ability to be an effective team player

Engagement overview

1. Meet with the new leader and their boss to achieve agreement on the desired goals and to identify the known and related challenges to be overcome
2. Launch a series of individual coaching sessions with the leader designed to help her/him develop the skills needed to be effective in their role by overcoming personal obstacles
3. While work is being done with the leader, conduct a team event of 1-2 days duration designed to align all behind a common and shared goal for the team, build trust and confidence among them and create the checks and balances that will enable the team remain on track
4. Conduct several individual coaching sessions with each team member that will address the respective obstacles in their roles that risk keeping them from being most effective as a team member. Maximized success will require that all function in a coordinated and compatible manner.
5. Ongoing reviews with senior management as to the progress and noted changes/improvements

Relevant background

Mike had a successful 30+ year career as the leader of a travel management company ranked among the top 50 agencies within the U.S. Overseeing a company of 45 coast to coast locations allowed him to experience challenges and find solutions that bound to be part of any organization on the move.

With a desire to put his learning to good use elsewhere, 13 years ago he was certified as a co-active coach and has focused his efforts on working with organizational leaders and leadership teams.
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