Project proposal: Move Business Silo Structures to a High Functioning and Effective Team with a Shared Vision
Mike Dorman
Mike Dorman
Client impact

• Drive the importance of ‘team’ and the potential value that adds to the organization and to the individual member
• Create a collaborative vision and set of values for the emerging system and develop a process that will set guidelines for how the new “we” will work together in areas such as making decisions and resolving conflict
• Identify the individual strengths, experience & contributions that each individual brings to this endeavor … an opportunity to ‘sell’ your team on you being the right person in the right job
• Identify perceived or real obstacles that may exist and identify constructive and positive ways to deal with them in moving toward the vision and related goals.
• Self-Analysis – what each leader knows they need and intend to stop doing, start doing and continue doing to insure their successful contribution to the team and the company …with input from those who know you best.

Engagement overview

The process followed when engaged by an organization involves the following steps:
1. Meet with key management of a company, division or department to gain the full understanding of the goals of the forthcoming work
2. Based on a thorough understanding, convert that into clear objectives for the group work to be done
3. Establish an atmosphere in which all voices are called forth and heard for the contributions that need to be expressed and considered
4. Design a very interactive agenda that consists of activities intended to further the understanding of the goals and result in the achievement of them
5. Design a follow-up plan that insure that this effort is just the beginning of sustainable change and not a flavor of the month.

Relevant background

Mike had a successful 30+ year career in the travel business leading an agency that grew to be ranked in the top 50 within the U.S. As might be imagined, this career of overseeing a company of some 45 locations operating from coast to coast allowed him to experience challenges and find solutions that bound to be part of any organization on the move.

With a desire to put his learning to good use elsewhere, 13 years ago he was trained and certified as a co-active coach and has focused his efforts within varying types and sizes of organizations. His company, The Third Zone, works with the intention of bridging the gap that often exists between the dream of achievement and the reality of performance.

Mike’s work as a business coach has been conducted in a large cross-section of business types. The issues and challenges he encounters are often common to all business wanting to maximize their progress and success View consultant profile