Project proposal: Product Design & Development: Streamline the Go-To-Market and Commercialization Process
Collin Kobayashi
Collin Kobayashi
Client impact

* Industrial Design for preliminary engineering feedback
* Assist in developing new products for commercialization
* Reduced tooling and part costs
* Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
* Evaluate various packaging options
* 3D Printing & Prototype development for rapid testing, customer validation, and marketing
* Improved use of available technology, and introduction to new manufacturing methods to reduce cost
* Connection to customers, distributors, and investors
* Production Manufacturing at OEM factories and contract manufacturers
* Complete documentation package for production manufacturing
* Quality Assurance processes
* Product Impact studies
* Market assessment

Engagement overview

Using our Product Development process, we will:

1. Develop list of customer requirements
2. Optimize designs for best functionality while reducing overall costs
3. Discuss various design options that fit the market and end user
4. Develop and design the product to be created
5. Review our new design with your management for acceptance
6. Discuss Intellectual Property (IP) strategies
6. Create a plan to implement the design for prototyping, testing, and manufacturing
7. Assist you in implementing the recommended solutions

Relevant background

Collin has over 16 years in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing industry, with extensive experience in the manufacturability of designs, improvement of supply chain management as well as the planning and implementation of go to market strategies. His experience extends but not limited to various industries such as aerospace, consumer, medical, scientific, military, R&D, automotive, and industrial/construction.
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